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San Francisco Community Acupuncture          

I love SFCA!

I pulled a hip muscle during marathon training and had been to 2 different doctors, had both and MRI and X-rays taken, and none of the diagnoses were correct. With one treatment at SFCA I was walking normally again and my pain was immediately alleviated. Their up front attention and thorough treatment was top notch.
— Erik K.

Thanks Rebekah and Rebecca!

I can’t say enough about the greatness of this clinic and the women who run it. I was sick four times in three months last winter and came to see them in February, skeptical of acupuncture but desperate to feel better. I literally haven’t been sick since! OK, not everyone will experience a miracle cure like me, but this is high-quality health care at a very low price. The group setting is very peaceful. I go every two weeks and have literally never felt better. Thanks, Rebekah and Rebecca!
— Erin O.

Finally – a full nights rest!

After years of sleepless nights caused by total body sweat inducing
nightmares, SF Community Acupuncture has given me the gift of a full night’s rest. And while my weekly sessions over the last few months have been focused on sleep, other health maladies have substantially improved as a side benefit. The calm, welcoming environment and the trust I have for Rebekah and Rebecca truly makes each treatment a pleasant experience…even though I’m full of needles.
— Emma L.

Highly recommended

As a young professional, I am incredibly pleased by the flexibility, affordability, and effectiveness of the acupuncture services offered by Rebecca and Rebekah. I have been to multiple acupuncturists in San Francisco before, and I would recommend SF Community Acupuncture in a heart beat.
— Mike L.

Love, love, love these women!

There is no way I would be managing the last weeks of my pregnancy without this wonderful environment created by these wonderful women!

— Vanessa K.