Community Room Acupuncture:

These treatments are offered at a sliding scale. The following prices will come into effect starting June 1st, 2020:

                  1st visit:                                           $50 – $70

                  Follow-up:                                     $40 – $60 

Private Appointments:

                  Cupping (15 min):                       $45

                  Tui Na Massage (25 min):      $60

Tui-Na is a vigorous form of Chinese Massage performed with the patient fully clothed

                   Massage (60 min):                   $120

                   Massage (90 min):                   $180

Massage Styles: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Tui Na

                   Acupuncture:                              $95

                   Acupuncture + Massage:      $120

Private Acupuncture session with 10mins of targeted bodywork. Appropriate for patients with musculoskeletal disorders. 

                   Deluxe Acupuncture :              $180

Private Acupuncture session with 30-40mins of targeted bodywork.