Foods to Nourish the Blood

Nourishing Blood with Food

Consult your TCM practitioner for diagnosis and additional guidance

Common Blood deficiency symptoms: paleness of face, gums, lips, nailbeds, or tongue, unusual greying, dry skin or hair, spots in field of vision, chronic fatigue, anemia,  dull headaches, abdominal discomfort after menses, or decreased volume. 

Common causes of Blood deficiency: postpartum, improper diet, nutritional deficiency, lack of exercise, inherited constitution, excessive menstrual flow, injury with blood loss

Increase intake of these foods:

GrainsRice, sweet rice, bran, wheat
Legumes, nuts, & seedsAduki beans, kidney beans, lentils, black beans, almonds, soy beans
Vegetables & fungiLeafy greens (chlorophyll-rich foods), artichokes, mushrooms, cabbage, beetroot, parsley
FruitsDark grapes, blackberries, raspberries, huckleberries
Animal ProductsMussels, oysters, sardines, tuna,  liver (beef, lamb, or chicken), chicken gizzard, bone broth/marrow, chicken eggs
Common supplementsDang Gui, gelatin, collagen, royal jelly, algae, seaweed, spirulina

Notes on Food preparation: Vegetables are best consumed lightly steamed or sauteed. Consuming raw or cold food is difficult to digest, and can lead to gas, bloating, and decreased absorption of nutrients. Whole foods should be chosen over supplementation whenever possible.

Recipes to Nourish Blood:

Bone Broth with Dang Gui

Whenever possible, use local, organic animal products. Bones with marrow and collagen are preferred, and can be combined with chicken spines and feet. Can purchase bones from local butcher, or save bones from rotisserie. 

-Roast 1-3 lbs bones for 30 min at 375 ℉. 

-Place bones in large pot and fill with water & 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Additional vegetables can be added, such as Dang Gui, kale stems, onion, garlic, parsley, etc. 

-Bring to boil, then simmer for approx. 10-12hrs, until liquid has reduced by ⅓ or ½.

-Strain and enjoy by sipping a cup daily, using in soups and rice, and any savory recipes!

Breakfast Scramble

-Saute ground pork or lamb with onion, shiitake mushrooms, and spinach

-Add 2 beaten eggs, remove from heat and continue mixing, add fresh parsley. Salt and pepper to taste, enjoy with whole wheat toast 

Sweet Rice Congee

-Place 1 cup sweet rice in pot of 6 cups water (or bone broth!). Bring to boil, then simmer for 4-6 hours